The road to becoming a Forex professional!

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The road to becoming a Forex professional.  No monthly fee’s, Just a one off cost to change your life!  That’s if you’re ready to learn what the professionals do.  Once you have bought the course James Leone will be in contact with you 24-48 hours after payment.  You will also get 3 months FREE of the Standard Edition and a FREE Avanta FX T-Shirt!  Please read below to see why you would chose us and to see what you get with the course.

Why us?

Avanta FX exists to coach and train potential traders in the development and implementation of successful trading strategies. We teach beginners all the way to advanced investors how to be successful in making money on the markets. We at Avanta FX strive to always give 100% honest and reliable information. With trillions of Dollars circulating the Financial markets each day the opportunity for success becomes readily available for the trained individual to grab it!

James Leone worked for many years in accounting and finance on the business management side of a computer. Prior to that, he ambled his way through many different roles, never fully knowing or making a firm decision on a solid career path and choice. The many principles of accounting ring loud and clear in trading, and it is this link that first got James involved in trading profitably and sensibly. There are clearly and widely understood rules and principles of accounting and the same can be said of trading. Except that trading offers a more lucrative salary for a lot less hours of effort.  I’ve traded for many years and have met many traders along the path; some good, some lucky, some lacking knowledge, patience or discipline. We can help pretty much anyone to become a successful trader and make profits. The trader then has to follow the rules to keep it up. Some have written up fantastic word documents full of the steps they are going to follow in their own trading plan. They’ve shared them with me and then the very next day we’ve analysed a chart together and look at places where they went and big fat broke pretty much all of the rules they just spent hours writing down and perfecting.

When you drive, assuming you drive as there’s only 1 person I ever worked with who didn’t, you follow the rules of the road, the laws as they stand so to speak. If there are double white lines on the road, you keep to the left of them (here in Ireland or the UK anyway). Else you risk penalty points, fines and an absence of a driving license. The same now can be said of using your telephone, a big and serious distraction to you trading and very forbidden when driving.

What does the course include?

  • Informal chat to discuss your needs
    • Assessment of your needs vs what is on offer and available through Avanta FX. An open
      and honest question and answer session in order to fully investigate options.
  • Online or In Person Course
    • Where ever you are in the world, we can work together online to bring you up to speed and
      into our group. If you’re happy to work in person then we usually meet at or near Gatwick,
      United Kingdom
  • One to One Coaching
    • Identify what it is that YOU need to know and what will work for you with YOUR personality
      traits. Trading is a skill that can be learned. Apply the knowledge we share.
  • Monthly online or boardroom workshop
    • Informal gathering of our member traders either online for a full day webinar, or by
      selecting a mutually agreeable location and a boardroom setting. During the day, there is
      information sharing, education or guidance for everyone and live trading opportunities.
  • Access recorded webinars on YouTube
    • We have many recordings of older webinars or “on demand” training video content. Out
      Private YouTube channel is accessible to all our members.
  • Webinars, as many as 5 per week
    • Education for 1 session. Live trading (by invitation) during the remaining webinars online each
      week. These webinars have produced over 15,000 pips over the past 3 years of recorded,
      witnessed webinar trades.
  • LIVE Trading Sessions!
    • Included in our courses are live trading days where we will monitor charts together and
      trade in a relaxed and friendly group atmosphere. Learning as we go, together! What gets
      measured, gets managed!


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